Sushi is generally known as a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine, prepared with cooked rice flavored with vinegar & multiple vegetables, eggs, raw seafood is beautifully garnished & served cold.
Sushi(the dish) first reached New York City in 1963. The newfound fame of the unique cuisine, along with an elevated boom of Japanese emigrants to the NYC area in the '1970s & '1980s, led to an outburst of sushi restaurants in NYC that continues today & hence we at Mezze Restaurant are at your service to win your hearts with some of the most delicious sushi dishes.

Sushi brings the world together & unites it in the love of fancy fish. All right, that might sound like an exaggeration, but sushi does have a tremendous global appeal. Restaurants that serve excellent sushi enjoy undeniable celebrity attention & with some big-name restaurants prominent in the culinary spotlight. 

Until recently, we, including all the New Yorkers, have missed out on one of the most delicious bowls loaded with different kinds of sushi recipes because of some reasons, but our wait is over! Mezze Restaurant, a kosher restaurant in Queens, NY, has finally opened its New York outpost! You can see what all the buzz is about at Our catering department, City Roots, leads our forward-thinking culinary view to NYC's events with full-service & drop-off special catering services for any type of occasion.

Sushi is famous worldwide, but that doesn't mean everyone understands what this dish technically is. For those who might not be familiar with the dish, sushi doesn't always express raw fish. Instead, raw fish - sashimi in Japanese - is the most popular ingredient in sushi. The term sushi refers to foods that use rice seasoned with vinegar & are garnished with raw fish or vegetables. The sushi rolls(aka as maki) you may be thinking of are just one of many sushi types.

If you're traveling to New York or want to learn more about the cuisine, the best thing to do is to read this article & prepare your taste buds for some true Japanese delicacies.


It is raw fish, a star dish of Japanese cuisine for most people, but is it that simple? Not at all. Sushi is actually a method to make rice, not raw fish, with some accompaniment. In fact, we should be saying that sushi always carries rice.

Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes outside of Japan & the most well-known & liked among Japanese, who relish sushi on special occasions. It was evolved outside that country, influenced by different Western cultures, especially in the USA. That is why many kinds of sushi denominate the USA's localities (California roll, New York roll, etc.)

The name of sushi is a generic name of different types, combinations of ingredients & forms of typical Japanese food, and basically made from Japanese type rice and other seafood (fresh fish, prawns, seaweed, etc.) vegetables.


Are you ready to love sushi even more? As if you needed more reasons to love sushi, today you're going to tell you the 5 benefits of sushi that will make you fall 5 times more in love. Sushi is healthier for you in many ways than you can imagine. Get out your chopsticks & keep reading.

  1. Helps You Manage Your Weight

  2. Full of Antioxidants

  3. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  4. Speeds Up Muscle Repair

  5. Ups Your Immunity

One Bite & You'll Surely Taste the Gains of Sushi. What did we tell you? After reading the gains, are you even more in love now? If you have not had any kind of sushi dish yet & in case if you want to get some this week? If Yes! Simply call us or visit one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC.


Sushi is probably Japan's most famous dish & thus can be a bit expensive. With Mezze Restaurant, you can very easily order a set of sushi at a fixed price, which comes in handy for group outings, or you can order your favorite sushi pieces as you eat your meal. 

Our diverse options are kosher certified & packed with robust flavor & superior ingredients. On the menu, you’ll find globally-inspired dishes that will leave a lasting impact on both your palette & the planet. We are located in 100-18 Queens Blvd, NY & offer a full-service dining experience along with takeout & delivery.

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